Our company produces admixture KALMATRON KF-A and provide technical services such as concrete mixes 

designs adjusted to the certain conditions. For winery caves builders we provide both KF-A admixture or its liquid 

version K100 and PLASTCRETE mix design.

On a picture (a) shown cave recently shotcreted by PLASTCRETE, where water from the ceiling and walls mitigated 

on a floor as it shown below. PLASTCRETE is applied on a bare soggy surfaces without membrane.
In a few days concrete surface became light, dry and ready for finishing when it required as it shown on picture (b). 

PLASTCRETE provides mitigation of water during of shotcreting and water impermeability of concrete after.
PLASTCRETE mix is designed to get slump at 3 1/2" or 90 mm (see picture "C") with pumpability up to 150 ft or 50 m without additional measures. 

Visually it results in "Creamy Effect" (d) providing best workability possible. Shotcreting (e) distincts in a stable spray (f) with concrete rebound below 5%.

Complete water impermeability begins from 3/4" or 18 mm thickness of PLASTCRETE layer. 

That thickness is enough to stop even crude oil penetration through the concrete.  
Evaluation of Plaster waterproofing by KF-A admixture provided by the customer on the field by 

very simple and vivid test procedure. Three concrete cylinders where made to compare they 

hydraulic resistance where one of them has added KALMATRON KF-A at 17 LB/YD or 10 Kg/m3 (at left). 

Standard pipes inserted into the samples, as it shown on (g) and plugged to the water supply system 

under hydraulic pressure at 70 PSI for 72 hours.

Result is more than convincing as it's shown above (g).